A Ride to Anywhere

by Hometapes Various Artists

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    A Ride to Anywhere:
    Hometapes for the Holidays 2013
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    The Bushwick School of Music is a non-profit music education program run by Greg Albert (Celestial Shore), Carlos Hernandez (Ava Luna) and Lydia Velichkovski and that provides music lessons and ensembles to kids who cannot afford extracurricular music lessons. See it in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPjPOkbws00 and read more below.
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A Ride to Anywhere: Hometapes for the Holidays 2013

These are the days of weird light. The sun works half-time, its shift picked up by strings of bulbs wrapped around trees and porches, by darting headlights in freeway races, by flickering fire in all sorts of places. Stopping, sitting still, and listening are built-in themes of the season. I always think: “bring it on,” as I cycle through lists of memories and memories of lists. Let’s think about what we did. Let’s think about what we’re doing. We make a lot of things. We breathe this stuff. And it’s this time of year when it’s just cold enough for you to see us exhale.

For the past four years, we’ve created holiday albums that put the timely and the timeless right next to each other, offering a space for the Hometapes family to condense the spirit of the season – and the spirit of every single day – into songs that, always surprisingly and always without fail, carry us through the nights of winter.

Happy holidays, in all possible ways.

Sara Padgett Heathcott and Hometapes


More about The Bushwick School of Music:

The Bushwick School of Music is an extra-curricular tuition-free music program. Our programs run a traditional fall and spring semester schedule of after-school classes (15 weeks of classes, 4 classes a week, an hour and a half per class), plus a shorter summer intensive (10 weeks), and are open to any interested students in participating schools. At the beginning of each semester, students are given the opportunity to try out various instruments (guitar, bass, drums, piano), and are given basic instruction. As they get comfortable with their chosen instruments and we lead them through basic group rehearsals. From this point, using the knowledge and practice that they acquire during the first few sessions, they are encouraged to compose their own basic songs, while also delving into a repertoire of blues classics, as facilitated by legendary blues singer Bereather Reddy’s rich knowledge of the genre.

At the end of each program, we hold a performance and a recording session of the material the students have rehearsed throughout the sessions. Because of our work with the Silent Barn, a Bushwick-based community arts organization, we have unique access both to performance and recording space. Our co-founder and teacher Carlos Hernandez also co-runs the recording studio at the Silent Barn, and will facilitate the recording sessions.

This tuition-free, locally-based model emphasizes collaboration and cooperation and promotes agency, self-direction, and creativity. The small class size encourages students to build relationships with each other and allows for individual attention from teachers. By the end of this program, students who may not have ever had the opportunity to hold an instrument will learn to play the instrument of their choice and be given the opportunity to compose, perform, and record music with their peers.


released December 10, 2013

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Track Name: Leverage Models - Christmas Eve Can Kill You
Christmas Eve Can Kill You
By The Everly Brothers

The winter's flaking snow is brushing through the pinewood trees
I stuck my hands down deep inside my coat
I think of years ago and half-remembered Christmas trees
And faces that still warm me with their glow

The cold and empty evening hangs around me like a ghost
I listen to my footsteps in the snow
The sound of one man walkin' through the snow can break your heart
But stopping doesn't help, so on I'll go

And Christmas Eve can kill you
When you're trying to hitch a ride to anywhere

The icy air I'm breathin' is all that keeps me on my feet
I feel like I've been walking all my life
A car goes running by, the man don't even turn his head
Guess he's busy being Santa Claus tonight

The saddest part of all is knowing if I switched with him
I'd leave him stumblin' ragged by the road
I'd ride that highway to the arms of my sweet family
And forget about the stranger in the cold

And Christmas Eve can kill you
When you're trying to hitch a ride to anywhere

And as I walk I'm singin' to myself, Oh Silent Night
Hoping I can save those other souls
Oh, God forgive the man who drives right by the other man
Have pity on the stranger in the cold

'Cause Christmas Eve can kill you
When you're trying to hitch a ride to anywhere